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Why Liketobe is Best For Marketing

The most effective marketing is all about reaching the right audience, a motivated student audience.  Platforms such as LinkedIn do not attract a large student following in the same way that The Career Event Network at LikeToBe does.

LikeToBe attracts student visitors directly as well as via their school/college/university career advisers to participate in our online career events and workshops as well as exploring student focused profiles created by our employer network.

You can use your profile link within your own marketing environment to invite student followers from your existing education network as well as via your employee and social media base.

Developing a LikeToBe profile demonstrates your commitment to offering students the real life insight they need to optimise their career fulfilment.  Once you are registered as a professional member you will be able to create your Employer organisation from your profile page and optimise your student recruitment experience.

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