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Why Liketobe is Best for Student Recruitment

Student recruitment is essential for your organisation’s wellbeing and talent development but we are aware that searching for the right candidate can be time consuming and not always successful with potential loss of a valuable new member of the team because of lack of pre-application awareness and insight into your organisation and what to expect.

This is where Liketobe offers you the opportunity to develop the perfect window for students to explore a potential career with you.  You can add the following to your profile to best prepare students for application;

  • Employee case studies - Invite your employees to create profiles and link to your organisation.  They can also create short videos to add to your resources section
  • Career events - invite your employees to create short speaker videos that you can upload to your own career event which is then available to view 24/7 at student’s convenience.
  • Create workshops - introduce students to tasks and activities relevant to your organisation and roles
  • Relevant About Info - Students are keen to read information that is relevant to them and their journey and not aimed at all potential employees.
  • Job/Work Experience Opportunities - Advertise your opportunities to a motivated student audience.

Once you are registered as a professional member you will be able to create your Employer organisation from your profile page and optimise your student recruitment experience.

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