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Create A Career Event

An online career event is the perfect way for students to maintain their interaction and increase awareness of numerous opportunities and career options. LikeToBe is at the forefront of online career event provision and able to support you creating an event designed specifically for your organisation and your students.

LikeToBe has made it easy for organisations to create their own career events tailored specifically for young people's needs.  

Have a look at our special LikeToBe Guide to Online Events

Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you get started:

Do I have to be a member to create a career event?  Yes, you will need to register on LikeToBe by creating your own personal profile.  Once you are a member, you can then make your organisation's profile.  You will need a high-definition logo and banner to give added impact.  Tip: you can add a link to your website, news items and any updates: try and keep it current and interesting.  Then ask your contacts to “follow” you.

How do I find speakers for my organisation's career event? You may have employers and partners that you already work closely with and they can submit their speaker videos to you for inclusion in your event.  If you do not have your own network you can select speakers from our extensive database.  We can also help you source exhibitors (for an extra cost) if required. 

How long should each speaker video be? We recommend that each speaker video lasts approximately 3 minutes.  Speakers should keep discussion points brief and interesting so that students are able to get as much from listening to the speaker as possible.  The main aims of these talks are to be informative, engaging and meaningful.  


Can I include workshops in my career event? Yes, you can.  You can either do a live workshop or have it pre-recorded with a question and answer session afterwards.  You can also hold a live-streaming session; run competitions, webinars (pre-recorded); advertise work experience/job opportunities; run a Careers forum: the possibilities are many - just tell us what you want and we can design a package to suit.

Are you able to provide any data to help with measuring the success of my event?  Yes, we can provide you with an impact report (price on request).  This report can tell you how many visitors to your event; how many page views; overview of questions asked etc.

How much does this cost? Whilst creating your profile, is free; a career event is a paid-for service and there is a sliding scale of charges and memberships depending on the level of support and style of event required. You can either do a one-off event, or take out an annual membership to cover several events (number depending on package bought).  


Prices upon request

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