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Is LikeToBe a Social Media Platform and how do I make sure that our students’ data is protected?

LikeToBe is a professional Networking platform not social and Students’ profiles are not made public or are searchable.  Students, although required to complete as full a profile as possible, do not need to input their full surname or use their photo, but can choose to upload an image (as long as it is suitable and professional).

LikeToBe uses student data to match student profiles with employers and to provide impact reports to schools/colleges that can be used in career reporting.

Students can de-select to be contacted.

GDPR for Students

Do you share or sell students’ data?

No, we don’t share or sell any information. 

Are Students’ emails visible?

No, student email addresses are neither public or visible.

How do I go about following people? And how do I find them?

Use the “Search" Facility to find organisations - type in the name and click the magnifying button

Once you are on the profile that you want, click the “Follow As” button which is just underneath the Organisation's logo.  You will see your profile name on the drop-down list - select it and you are now following that organisation.

What is the Timeline and what can be posted?

The timeline is like an activity page - rather like the one you get on Facebook.  You can upload useful webpages, articles and information that you think other people and your followers will find interesting. 

For students - upload any good news stories - have you won an award; are you participating in any events that you think employers might like to find out about

For educators - are there any useful school or college events that you might want to advertise or showcase?  Are there useful careers webpages that you might want to highlight to your student followers?

For Employers/Professionals - what has your organisation achieved?  Have you won any awards or have you got any good news stories?  Do you have any useful webpages on your company website that you think that students might find interesting.

How can I ask a question?

To ask a question regarding LikeToBe, the site or general Careers advice, go to “Help and Support” on the home page, select “Ask Us A Question” and post your question.  (Have a look at previous questions first to see whether yours is there and has already been answered).  This is a moderated forum that will send an email to the LikeToBe team and they will be prompted to reply.

To ask a question to one of the organisations in our Network.  Use the Browse Employers button at the top of the home page and scroll through our network using the back and next buttons; select the employer you want by clicking on their logo; this will take you to their profile page.  From there, click on the Forum button and post your question there.  This will trigger an email to that employer and they will be prompted to reply to your enquiry.  

Is there a time limit as to how long I can leave my event up on the site?

Currently we do not have a time limit on events, however we would advise, that in order to keep career information up to date and have meaningful engagement (as per Gatsby benmarks), we would recommend not reusing an event from the year before.  

Exhibitors may no longer be available to answer questions from your students; the job market may have changed;, and previous advice and guidance could be out of date. This year's advice from employers could be very different from advice 12 months ago due to the Pandemic and new government programs/qualifications being introduced e.g.T Levels and Apprenticeships.

What we would encourage schools to do, is to create a profile and build your own digital employer/provider network. Through your school's profile's newsfeed, your students will receive latest updates and oppotunities from your personalised network. This is a free feature for you to benefit from using.

Can I make my Organisation's Career Event Private?

Yes, there is a facility to make your event a private one so that other people cannot stumble across it.

When you create your Event/Zones/Workshops on the “General Details” page, there is a “profile privacy” option:

  • Private - cannot be tagged or found in search
  • Public - can be tagged and found in search

It is automatically set to “Public” so just click on the circle next to “Private” to change the setting.

If you have already created your event and are not sure if you have selected the public/privacy feature, then:

go into the event page; 

click on the yellow “Edit” button which is next to the icon and 

that will take you to the “General Details” page and follow the same steps as described before.

Remember to set each zone and workshop of your career event to private and check if it is done correctly by searching your event in the search bar.

Any other questions?

If you are experiencing any difficulties or having any other questions, drop us an email on [email protected] or post your question on our LikeToBe Help page (click below) for a member of our friendly team to give you some assistance.

LikeToBe Help page

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