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Gatsby Benchmarks

www.Liketobe.org is committed to supporting teachers in meeting Gatsby benchmark requirements.  Our digital platform is able to contribute an online alternative to student career guidance during these unusual times and beyond.

 To include an activity under Benchmark 5, it must meet the following minimum requirements:

Learning outcomes are defined, based on the age and needs of students

Students will hear from professionals talking about their career journey, their roles and additional theme related information.  Students can also complete the careers event checklist to support their understanding  and thoughts on next steps and continuing their career development

The encounter involves two-way interaction between students and employers/employees

There is a safeguarded* interactive question and answer feature that is actively encouraged so that students can explore matters relevant to them and their career goals

There is evidence that the student actively participated

Students can like the speaker videos, ask questions, comment and follow career events or employers of interest, all of which are evidence of interaction.  Students can also complete the event checklist as evidence

* Our safeguarded question and answer feature allows students to ask questions directly to the speaker or employer representative both at the time of the event and afterwards.  Videos can be viewed at any time after launch with a quick Q&A offered from 10am to 3pm

The platform offers no direct messaging opportunities so all interactions are public and visible for the purposes of safeguarding.  The interactive Q&A feature has a profanity filter and the ability to block and report inappropriate chat as well as being monitored by www.liketobe.org administrators.

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