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Two Activities to Practice Networking Using the LikeToBe Website

Activity 1


Ask students to connect with at least 3 of their peers with their class using the “follow as” button at the side of their profile photo.  Ask them to look at their peers’ skills and choose three of them.

Split into pairs and discuss these three skills from their profiles.  Are they skills that surprised them? Do they recognise those skills within themselves?

Students should then choose one of their own skills and spend a minute telling their partner about an example of a time when they used it.

Ask students to find a job opportunity requiring at least 1 of their 3 skills and spend a couple of minutes telling their partner what example they would use of this in an interview.

After the activity, encourage the students to continue growing their network by connecting with more of their peers. This will help them build their confidence, self-awareness and networking skills.


Activity 2


Ask students to find one interesting career talk on the website.  Split them into groups of twos and threes. Ask them to discuss:

  • Why they found it interesting
  • What they learned from it
  • How they think careers talks like this will help them with future work/choices.

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