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22/02/2021 - The LikeToBe Guide to...

The LikeToBe Guide to... 

Attending a Virtual Careers Fair 

Your guide to preparing for virtual career fairs and making a great impression with exhibitors. Here are some tips for putting your best foot forward—before, during and after a virtual fair. Preparation is the key! 


Create Your LikeToBe profile

The first step in preparing for your online Careers Fair is to make sure your LikeToBe profile is complete and up-to-date. Your profile is your brand and is there to showcase your achievements, skills, and career goals in the same way as a CV would.   

Make sure that you proofread all the information you put onto your profile – check spelling, grammar.  Make sure that it is professional.  If in doubt, ask a friend or family member to check it and to give you feedback about it. 


Find out which organisations are attending and research them

 It is a good idea to find out who will be exhibiting at the Careers Fair.  There should be a mix of employers, businesses, further and higher education places (Colleges/Universities) and training providers.  Visit their profiles and check out their websites.  Click to “follow” them (yellow button by the side of their profile photo). This will ensure that you will be updated. 

The event will be split into zones and exhibitors will be spread across their zones.  Match your interests and career goals with the organisations and decide which ones you would like to find out more about and who you would like to ask questions to. 


Plan and write down your questions

Unlike a physical event where you can ask your questions or find out information directly to a “real” person; at an online Careers show, you will need to post a question through a moderated forum. Go to the profile of the organisation you would like to ask a question to; check out whether your question has already been asked and if it has not, then post your own.  Use the @ symbol to tag the organisation. 

Examples of questions could be: 


“What skills/competencies do you look for?” 

“Describe a typical day for an apprentice at your organisation?” 

“What qualifications do I need to work at your organisation?” 

“What’s good about working for your company and why would you recommend it?” 


Ask a question that does not need a one-word answer – try and open a conversation. With the LikeToBe site, you can post your question before, during and after the event.  Your question will go through a filter, so you will not get an instant reply, but it may take a few minutes.   


Explore different Avenues

Take a few risks and choose organisations that you would not ordinarily consider.  Find out what they do and the different career roles.  For instance, construction is not just about bricklayers and plasterers but will have finance, human resources, ecology, and marketing/advertising departments.   

Consider different career routes – have you considered degree apprenticeships; work placements; apprenticeships; professional training? Ask questions through the forums to find out which route would be best for you – information is king.  The more you find out, the more informed your decisions will be.  


Follow Up 

 The Careers Fair does not end when it closes!  Check back to your chosen organisations to read answers from questions; ask more questions; check their profiles.  Click to follow if you have not already done so.  Check in regularly to see updates and to keep in touch.  Build relationships and network, you never know where it may lead.  For example, a simple introduction to an employer could lead to a work experience opportunity and possibly a future job. The old adage goes “it’s not what you know, but who you know!”

09/02/2021 - Life as an Event Management Intern at LikeToBe


Hi, I’m Fran, one of LikeToBe’s new Event Manager Interns. I recently graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Biology. Throughout university I really enjoyed being involved in outreach projects that inspired young people and I am looking forward to continuing this within my role. I’ll be supporting the creation of some of our exciting upcoming events as well as working with the team on marketing and social media.  

My highlight of the first week was working together with Bec to create plans for LikeToBe’s social media platform which would help us grow and reach as many people as possible. The opportunity to put our own mark on LikeToBe’s social media is an exciting prospect and I can’t wait to bring all our creative ideas to life. 

Hi, I’m Bec. I’m one of two new Event Management interns at LikeToBe. I recently graduated from UWE Bristol with a degree in Graphic Design. I’m hoping to put my knowledge to use and create some good stuff for LikeToBe’s online presence. I’ll be getting to grips with the website and working alongside the rest of the team to freshen up our branding and social media content. I’ll also be helping to set up some big careers events currently on the horizon— there’s lots of exciting stuff to watch out for!

My favourite part of the job so far has been putting together the Apprenticeship Week event page, inviting many amazing employers and professionals to take part and spread the news about  how amazing apprenticeships can be. I really enjoyed the layering process, adding headers, icons, videos, and job opportunities to each tab ready for launch day!

What is life like as an Event Management Intern at LikeToBe?

 As an intern at LikeToBe our main responsibilities range from supporting the organisation with digital career events, working behind the scenes to come up with creative ideas to spread the word about LikeToBe. Reflecting on the past few weeks, it’s evident how exciting and diverse our role is and how much we’ve have learned already.  

Finding out how an event is created from start to finish is incredibly valuable. We’ve learned that so many skills are involved in event management including organisation, planning and collaboration amongst your team members. It’s really interesting having the opportunity to learn about tools such as Mailchimp and HubSpot for the first time and we are looking forward to developing these skills in the future. 

Being an intern during lockdown has meant meeting all the LikeToBe team members virtually. Working from home unfortunately means missing out on the face-to-face social aspect of work. Luckily, the LikeToBe team have been amazing at making us feel at home. One of the best things about working with the team is everyone’s friendly, collaborate spirit and we can’t wait to experience so much more! 

19/11/2020 - Major event to help young people take their first step on the career ladder

West of England Career Inspiration Show to be held as coronavirus pandemic sees many young people concerned over their educational and career pathways

A major careers event is taking place later this month to help young people across the West of England take their first step on the career ladder.

Organisers of the West of England Career Inspiration Show are more determined than ever to host this year’s event at a time when many pupils across the region are concerned over their educational future and career pathways following the coronavirus pandemic.

The free event, which is taking place virtually from 9am until 6pm on Wednesday 25 November 2020, will bring together more than 50 exhibitors, including the NHS, General Electric and CGI, and feature live sessions with pupils to answer their questions and provide inspirational career talks as well as showcase the employment opportunities available to them.

The West of England Career Inspiration Show, organised by LikeToBe together with the West of England Combined Authority, Cabot Learning Federation and the Department for Work & Pensions, is expecting thousands of pupils, parents and carers to join virtually, building on the success of previous career leader events.

It’s also an opportunity for the young people to take part in skills-based workshops, from communication and networking to resilience and self-awareness.

Regional Mayor Tim Bowles said: “The West of England Combined Authority’s Careers Hub is delighted to be supporting the LikeToBe careers event for students and their parents this year. Excellent careers information and advice is needed now more than ever by our young people and while schools are unable to open their doors for face-to-face events, it is fabulous that a local virtual solution is being developed that will allow young people from all our secondary schools and colleges to interact with a wide range of employers and education providers from across our region.”

A range of schools both within and outside the West of England are taking part – incorporating the event talks and workshops into their daily school schedule. 

Susie Weaver, Executive Principal of Cabot Learning Federation, said: “We are really delighted to be part of this online careers event, working in partnership with LikeToBe, West of England Combined Authority and Department for Work and Pensions. Young people from across the region need opportunities to engage in meaningful and purposeful conversations and learning opportunities that guide their thinking and show them the world of opportunities. The current context means it is now more important than ever to work collectively across the South West, responding with a future-facing, fit for purpose offer to support young people to make informed choices and decisions about their own next steps. This event forms the first of a series of regional careers opportunities that our children and families can engage in, learning at distance and connecting back with their school teams, to empower them in the future”

Antony Jinman, polar explorer and founder of LikeToBe, the online careers event network, is no stranger to overcoming significant challenges having completed 16 Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. 

He said: “The Coronavirus outbreak has meant that more young people than ever are struggling to prepare for the transition from education into work. It has affected our lives and how we communicate with each other. LikeToBe is pioneering online engagement and connectivity between young people and employers to raise aspirations and improve employability skills no matter geographic location, social background or gender. The West of England Career Inspiration Show connects employers with more students across a broader region and more efficiently. Unlike traditional career fairs, this event will leave a legacy long after it has taken place, with students able to access it for the next 12 months.”

Go to the Event Now

09/11/2020 - West of England Career Inspirational Show coming up

LikeToBe together with WECA, CLF, and DWP are proud to present a day for young people, helping them learn about and connect with the world of work:

  • Live presenters
  • Over 50 exhibitors delivering Career Inspirational talks
  • Employability and Career Route Information
  • 15 different skills-based and information-based workshops
  • Q&A sessions

02/11/2020 - Career Event: How can digital engineering help make a more sustainable future?

The Digital Engineering Technology Innovation (DETI) Inspire programme will be hosting an online digital engineering careers event during the week of Bristol Technology Festival, from the 9th – 15th November.

In this digital engineering careers event for young people, we will hear from inspirational engineers who are designing and creating innovative new solutions to real-world problems. If you'd like to know more about what digital engineering is, what skills you need to be an engineer and what careers are available, then join us and find out what engineering is all about.


01/10/2020 - Voluntary positions at LikeToBe

We are looking for volunteers!


Organisation and Campaign Background:

LikeToBe is a free online platform that connects schools, universities, and young people with inspirational professionals and employers to provide advice on career paths and opportunities through videos and forums. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere and is safe for young people and free to users. Pupils have the ability to ask questions and debate topics online, which, as well as raising young people’s aspirations and engagements with subjects, complements the Gatsby Benchmarks that secondary schools need to adhere to each year.

Your Future, Your Choice is a campaign that aims to use the LikeToBe platform to bring attention to some of the biggest issues our world faces. From climate change and mass extinction to inequality in the education system and global pandemics, Your Future, Your Choice, will empower young people by showing how their future career choices can help solve these issues and bring about change. Throughout Covid-19, our world has become more digital and we look to embrace a c combination of grassroots committees and activities through our digital campaign. This will build up to a run alongside big online career fairs that will digitally introduce pupils to new job opportunities and discussions that will help inspire their career paths and demonstrate how these choices can impact not only their future but that of our planet.


What are we looking for:

We are looking for students to help organise this campaign and support our Campaign manager in different types of roles; events, marketing, social media, campaigning etc. This will be a virtual voluntary internship.

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