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09/11/2020 - West of England Career Inspirational Show coming up

LikeToBe together with WECA, CLF, and DWP are proud to present a day for young people, helping them learn about and connect with the world of work:

  • Live presenters
  • Over 50 exhibitors delivering Career Inspirational talks
  • Employability and Career Route Information
  • 15 different skills-based and information-based workshops
  • Q&A sessions

02/11/2020 - Career Event: How can digital engineering help make a more sustainable future?

The Digital Engineering Technology Innovation (DETI) Inspire programme will be hosting an online digital engineering careers event during the week of Bristol Technology Festival, from the 9th – 15th November.

In this digital engineering careers event for young people, we will hear from inspirational engineers who are designing and creating innovative new solutions to real-world problems. If you'd like to know more about what digital engineering is, what skills you need to be an engineer and what careers are available, then join us and find out what engineering is all about.


01/10/2020 - Voluntary positions at LikeToBe

We are looking for volunteers!


Organisation and Campaign Background:

LikeToBe is a free online platform that connects schools, universities, and young people with inspirational professionals and employers to provide advice on career paths and opportunities through videos and forums. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere and is safe for young people and free to users. Pupils have the ability to ask questions and debate topics online, which, as well as raising young people’s aspirations and engagements with subjects, complements the Gatsby Benchmarks that secondary schools need to adhere to each year.

Your Future, Your Choice is a campaign that aims to use the LikeToBe platform to bring attention to some of the biggest issues our world faces. From climate change and mass extinction to inequality in the education system and global pandemics, Your Future, Your Choice, will empower young people by showing how their future career choices can help solve these issues and bring about change. Throughout Covid-19, our world has become more digital and we look to embrace a c combination of grassroots committees and activities through our digital campaign. This will build up to a run alongside big online career fairs that will digitally introduce pupils to new job opportunities and discussions that will help inspire their career paths and demonstrate how these choices can impact not only their future but that of our planet.


What are we looking for:

We are looking for students to help organise this campaign and support our Campaign manager in different types of roles; events, marketing, social media, campaigning etc. This will be a virtual voluntary internship.

Interested? Send us an email!

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