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What We Do

LikeToBe is an online Careers Event Network which helps introduce students to professional online networking and creates regular, employer engagements on our platform. It aims to raise students’ aspirations by connecting students and educators with employers to provide real-world career guidance.

The Network was designed to connect students in geographically and socially isolated areas with employers in order to provide opportunities for all, regardless of their location or background. Right now, this is something we can all relate to and we hope that this platform can help during this difficult time, providing a link for young people to safely engage online and learn more about the world of work.

How We Can Help Educators

LikeToBe can be incorporated into your careers strategy as a useful tool for young people.  It can be used independently by young people and within lessons to help them identify their interests, skills, career goals and introduce them to the skill of networking. When embedded into your Careers Strategy, it can help towards the achievement of the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Use our services to:

  • Create your School/College/Universities Profile and showcase your Careers provision
  • Create and host your online Career Events;
  • Run workshops; either from LikeToBe's suite of soft and employability skills or your own (live or Pre-recorded)
  • Present inspirational speaker talks; choose from LikeToBe's extensive database or create your own
  • Engage with employers both local and national;
  • Encourage young people to develop their networking and business skills
  • Attend other LikeToBe events such as TIC Talks; Career Inspirationals Shows; Meet The Provider Events
  • Invite your personal employer and provider contacts to join the network and support your Careers programme

LikeToBe also offers workshops to develop young people’s soft skills and employability techniques.

How We Can Help Students

  • Building A Digital CV

LikeToBe provides step-by-step comprehensive instructions to help students start to put their CV together.  They are encouraged to write as full a profile as possible in order to attract potential employers and career opportunities. 

A lesson plan is available for educators to follow as part of a careers lesson.

Students can set their interests, skills and career goals and keep their profiles updating by posting achievements, resources and qualification. They can invite peers; follow employers and look out for work experience and volunteering opportunities.

  • Networking

With the adage “its not what you know, but who you know” young people are given a soft introduction to the world of networking. There is no direct interaction, so as to adhere to safeguarding guidelines, but a forum-style tool is used for communication.  Young people can follow employers on the platform that interest them, use the forum to post questions and keep in touch with the organisations’ news.

How We Can Help Employers

LikeToBe can help employers and business link and engage with schools, colleges and universities in order to help bridge the gap between education and the workplace.  Be part of a network where you can:

  • Introduce and showcase your organisation to a network of young people by creating an Employer Booth/Profile
  • Upload inspirational talks or presentations and demonstrate possible career routes into your industry
  • Create career events; workshops and post work/volunteering opportunities
  • Update your profile with news and events from your organisation; link to your website
  • Network with young people through the use of a moderated forum tool - answer their questions and offer advice
  • Discover who your local schools, colleges and universities are and forge links with the educators
  • Discover your talent of the future and be a part of it
  • Attend LikeToBe Career Shows as exhibitors

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