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Our Mission

Our Planet, Your Path

Our Mission

Our Planet, Your Path is a campaign that combats some of the biggest challenges humanity faces and will result in a more equal, productive and sustainable world. These issues range from social problems such as inequality in the education system to the imminent threat of climate change and the bleak prospect of mass extinction.


How we do it

Empower: Giving young people the tools and knowledge to pursue global change through education and career paths, resulting in practical solutions for themselves and the planet.

Engage: Create accessible pathways and opportunities for young people to engage with educators and employers, highlighting how their future career choices can help solve environmental issues and bring about change.

Collaborate: Work with other grassroots committees and local communities on activities and campaigns to solve environmental issues on a local and global scale. 

Action: Our campaign will raise public awareness and advocate government and policy makers to work with us on solutions for environmental issues, e.g. climate change and loss of biodiversity. 

The Result

Young people lead the creation of a more equal, productive and sustainable world, achieving their goals and aspirations along the way. 

The perspective of future generations is more collaborative to solve communal issues, rather than individualistic.

There is a sustainable blueprint for human life on earth - an ongoing future for humanity.

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