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Volunteering Opportunities

Do you fancy being a Mystery Networking Tester?


Do you fancy being a Mystery Networking Tester?

Would you like to add some voluntary work experience to your LikeToBe profile?

If so, read on…

LikeToBe, the Online Careers Event Network, are looking for a group of budding networkers to do some site searching, connecting and feedback-reporting to make sure that our site is current, innovative and usable.  We want to make sure that we are keeping up with the times and are offering a service that is the best. So..

We would like you to: 

  1. Connect with 3 employers of your choice across the site (Follow them)
  2. Ask these employers two “professional” questions
  3. Monitor how long it takes for you to get a reply
  4. Feedback on how the process was
  5. Suggest ways in which the website/networking facility could be improved
  6. Recommend LikeToBe to 3 friends/family members and get them to create a profile.
Want to get involved?

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