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Are you a teacher or parent who would like to find professional people or organisations to help provide career examples? Are you a professional person who would like to engage with teachers, create a profile and share your passion for your profession. If so, then sign up and create an individual profile to start building your network.


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Are you a school looking to develop a network of professional individuals and organisations. Would you like to invite your alumni and parental network to engage with your teachers and pupils, creating your very own career advice network? If so then sign up and register for a School Profile.


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Companies, organisations, universities, and colleges can create profiles allowing for employees, school outreach an media teams to create content and engage with teachers and schools online. If you are looking at extending your outreach into schools in hard to reach rural or social deprived areas, whilst having a regular online point of contact with local schools, LiketoBe can help. Register your interest for more information, we’d love to hear from you.

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