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Educating & helping

Provide your students with unique careers experiences and the opportunity to engage with potential employers.

Offering opportunities

Create your online employment brand and engage with students to find your future workforce.

Mentoring & guiding

Share your career story and experiences with students to inspire and help them into work they’ll love.

It’s common knowledge that the industry is not evolving fast enough to meet our changing needs; everyone is agreed that we must think afresh about how we work. LikeToBe is a fantastic platform to engage with and inspire the next generation of talent to help tackle this issue; strengthen their skill base; and future-proof the workforce to succeed in the years ahead. AECOM is excited to be on board and to promote the wide variety of STEM opportunities we have available across many disciplines. Please do get in touch!

Elle Gaffney

Building Plymouth is working together to promote skills and career opportunities in the booming construction and built environment sector. We need more young people to join our industry than ever before given the increasing skills gaps and skills shortages right across trade, technical and professional roles. We recognise the possibilities of inspiring and influencing young people and teachers alike through the innovative LiketoBe online platform and are keen to support this development

Emma Hewitt

I’ve signed up to Like to Be because I want to help give the next generation access to real people doing real jobs so that they can make realistic decisions about what they would like to be and, most importantly, achieve their dreams, like I’ve been lucky enough to do.

Ruth Peacey

Marston’s Plc have partnered with LIKETOBE as we see this as a great way to engage with schools and highlight the job opportunities available across the hospitality industry. We want more people to develop their career with us, in our kitchen’s, part of our front of house team’s on the roads delivering our beer to our customers and part of our support team who support all areas of our business. The LIKETOBE platform is a great way for businesses to connect in with young people and their influencer’s and find out exactly what employers have to offer.

Jo Bradford

There is a massive skills shortage of engineers across all sectors here in the UK, not just the rail industry. Network Rail sees LiketoBe as a great opportunity to engage with young people and demonstrate what opportunities are available to them, whilst helping to raise aspirations towards STEM careers.

Jane Austin

As a school we are keen to look at how careers, employability and a sense of the horizon are integral to all learning. Young people need the chance to explore these areas in both primary and secondary schools. We believe that LiketoBe is a great process to support this and that we wish to get behind. It is a vehicle for creating and maximising community. I would recommend this to all schools, not because it supports your readiness for Ofsted (and it does), but because it is the right thing to do for young people and the communities we work within.

Dave Strudwick

I really enjoy using because it allows students to connect with employers through a very easy to use online platform. I see LiketoBe becoming a key method for students selecting what they want to do when they leave school. Currently many students leave school not knowing what they want to do, however LiketoBe can help us to develop an understanding of careers which we can work towards during our time in education. The platform also benefits students through a feature allowing us to communicate directly with employers, which can assist us in gaining a good idea of what skills employers are looking for. This will be a great help in supporting us to plan for and shape our futures in the world of work.

Rhys Williams

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